Transmission Replacement for San Antonio

When you think your vehicle’s transmission is malfunctioning, have the transmission repair team at A Plus Transmission Specialists of San Antonio examine it first. In most cases, a problematic transmission can be repaired, saving you from an expensive transmission replacement or transmission change. If your vehicle shows signs its transmission needs maintenance, talk to the experts at A Plus Transmission Specialists right away. Transmission service is our exclusive automotive specialty. It’s what we have built our business around. Take advantage of our complete 22-point Diagnostic and Electronic Scan to determine what transmission repairs your vehicle needs to avoid a full transmission replacement.

Did you realize that the VAST majority of vehicles we inspect do not require replacement of their transmissions? We urge you to have your transmission inspected right away to avoid any problems getting worse. Our elite transmission repair technicians will diagnose any problems with your transmission and share with you the best options for a repair to get your transmission running like new again.

When It’s Time for Transmission Repair Over Transmission Replacement

Our extensive experience in transmission repair has demonstrated that a full transmission replacement is rarely needed. Our team of transmission repair experts have proven that most transmission problems can simply be repaired at our facility in San Antonio. When your transmission is acting up, it’s time to get it checked out. A simple repair may solve the problem, and our free diagnostic and computer scan will determine if your transmission needs additional maintenance. The transmission is a critical system of your vehicle, and we will help you make sure it is operating properly to keep you driving safely. Meanwhile, keep your eyes open for the commons clues of transmission issues:

  • Hard-to-shift gears. When it’s difficult to move the gear stick, the transmission may have a serious issue.  
  • Overheating transmission. When a malfunctioning transmission heats up excessively, the additional heat will spread to the interior of your vehicle. Also, check the engine temperature gage that may be rising.
  • Transmission fluid leaks. Red fluid leaking on the ground spells trouble in your transmission. 
  • Shifting performance worsens. When your vehicle produces motions like hesitations, jerking and vibrating, those are warning signs that something is wrong with your transmission. 
  • Decreased vehicle performance. Be on the watch for slow acceleration, or unexpected surging.  
  • Gears slipping. Your vehicle may accelerate surprisingly slowly even though the RPMs are revved up high. 
  • Suspicious odors. Overheating transmission fluid could be a sign that components in the transmission are wearing out or that fluid is leaking out of the transmission casing or housing.
  • Vehicle stops. Be aware when the engine shuts off when you brake the vehicle to a stop.
  • Odd noises in the transmission. Take notice of noises sounding like metal grinding or clinking, squealing and whining.

Making the Difference in Transmission Repair to Prevent Transmission Replacement

Get your transmission back to its smooth, safe and high-performance shifting with help from our team of transmission repair technicians at A Plus Transmission Specialists in San Antonio. We have been in business since 1983, and we make sure you experience the true difference in our service. We pride ourselves in repairing transmissions so that vehicle owners can avoid expensive transmission replacements.

  • Highly experienced, certified transmission service technicians
  • State-of-the-art electronic diagnostic equipment and technology to diagnose, service and repair automatic and manual transmissions for all makes, models and years of automobiles 
  • Friendly, caring, one-on-one customer service
  • Our guarantee to properly diagnose any transmission issue and repair only what is required and no more
  • Typical turnaround of 24-48 hours
  • Nationwide warranties
  • 100-percent parts and labor warranty

We Take Transmission Repair Versus Replacement to a Higher Level in San Antonio

Do you have a question or concern about the condition of your vehicle’s transmission? Take advantage of our famous, free 22-Point Diagnostic Service and Computer Scan Service. Our expert technicians will diagnose what transmission repairs your vehicle requires to avoid a transmission replacement or a transmission change. Call or stop by A Plus Transmission Specialists in San Antonio today!

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