Transmission Flush in San Antonio

At A Plus Transmission Specialists of San Antonio, we endorse transmission fluid replacement over a transmission flush, which often present a host of complications. Our transmission experts have found that a transmission flush can actually do more damage to your transmission than good. Instead, we advise having the transmission fluid and filter changed. During this service, about one-third of the transmission fluid is replaced and the transmission pan is cleaned. This service is less invasive and easier on your transmission. Call or stop by one or our San Antonio location to get started on a transmission fluid replacement service today.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Transmission Fluid Replacement Instead of a Flush

If your vehicle is experiencing slipping gears, surging, difficult to shift gears, unusual sounds like clicking and grinding, the transmission should be checked out by a reputable transmission service provider. Often, too many contaminants and too much foreign material gets trapped in a transmission, depleting its ability to shift properly. Transmission fluid levels may be dropping dangerously low as well. Have your vehicle checked by the experts at A Plus Transmission Specialists of San Antonio. Rather than undergo a transmission flush, we generally recommend a transmission fluid and filter replacement to get your transmission back into smooth-running condition.

Consequences of a Transmission Flush

A transmission flush can cause aggravate damage to a failing transmission. Flushing a transmission can put too much pressure on the sensitive internal components of a transmission, damaging them. Seals can fail, valves can stick and parts can be broken with a transmission flush. Plus, typical transmission flushes don’t involve removing the pan or replacing the filter—two critical steps in a proper transmission fluid replacement service. You can rely on the transmission servicing experts at A Plus Transmission Service for a superior transmission fluid replacement for your vehicle. Part of our transmission fluid replacement service includes testing your vehicle on the road and making any necessary adjustments. Shops that do transmission flush services may neglect to perform these important steps in servicing your transmission properly.

Transmission Fluid Replacement vs. Transmission Flush

Our expert transmission service technicians recommend transmission fluid replacement service versus a transmission flush, which may jeopardize the internal workings of your transmission. Our superior transmission fluid and filter replacement removes the dirt and grime from your transmission and services the filter, screen and pan and gasket. This fluid replacement service improves the operation of your transmission and extends the working life of this critical system of your vehicle. Find out about the benefits of transmission fluid replacement over transmission flush by calling our team at A Plus Transmission Specialists of San Antonio today.



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