Transmission Inspection for San Antonio

Do you suspect your transmission is running improperly? Do you notice instances in which gears are slipping, fluid is leaking, gears are grinding or your vehicle doesn’t react right away while in gear? These and other problems are good reasons to have your transmission inspected to catch problems before they get worse and cause a breakdown. Turn to the most-trusted transmission repair experts in Texas—A Plus Transmission Specialists of San Antonio. We have highly skilled transmission experts, advanced electronic diagnostic equipment and decades of experience inspecting, diagnosing, servicing, repairing, rebuilding and replacing automotive transmissions of every kind imaginable. Our 22 Point Diagnostic Inspection Service is always free!

Telling Signs You Need a Transmission Inspection

The transmission is such an important system of your vehicle, many times it is clear when there is a transmission problem. When your vehicle fails to engage with the gears, experiences gear slippage, or shakes or grinds when it is in gear. This indicates an obvious malfunctioning with the transmission that needs to be checked out right away. There are other tell-tale signs, such as strange clanging noises, burning odors, a check engine light or leaking transmission fluid. Also, if you notice your vehicle has diminished power, it may have a sustained transmission problem. The best course of action is to bring it into our shop to have a technician run a diagnostic check on your transmission to pinpoint the problem. And, remember, our famous 22-Point Diagnostic Service and Computer Scan Service is always free of charge. 

Get the A Plus Advantage for Transmission Inspection Services 

If you observe problems with your transmission, know that you have a reliable transmission shop you can turn to in A Plus Transmission Specialists, San Antonio. We service manual and automatic transmissions of all cars and trucks of all makes, models and years of manufacture. Inspection is the first important step in determining if your transmission is running fine, needs basic repairs or requires a full overhaul or replacement. Check with the professionals first for a transmission inspection. You will be glad you connected with A Plus Transmission Specialists of San Antonio. With every transmission servicing, we repair only what needs to be repaired and no more. Our five-star rated service starts with our no-cost diagnostic test to pinpoint any trouble with your transmission. 

Reliable Inspection of Vehicle Transmissions in San Antonio

Our team of highly qualified transmission technicians can perform a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s transmission to determine if it is in good working condition or has problems. If your transmission has issues, we can focus in on the specific issue to find out if it needs to be serviced, repaired, overhauled or replaced. Don’t hesitate to get your transmission checked out today at Plus Transmission Specialists of San Antonio. 



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