Transmission Overhaul for San Antonio

When your vehicle’s transmission isn’t working properly, it can normally be repaired rather than replaced. In certain cases, it might be time for a transmission overhaul. The expert transmission overhaul experts at A Plus Transmission Specialists of San Antonio specialize in rebuilding or overhauling transmissions for all makes, models and years of manufacture. Our team overhauls transmissions by rebuilding the system, repairing and replacing parts, resurfacing components and reassembling a transmission to operate like brand-new again. We use the best electronic diagnostic equipment and parts to rebuild manual or automatic transmissions, and two-wheel, four-wheel and all wheel drives of both passenger cars, pickups and heavy trucks.

When a Transmission Overhaul Is an Effective Solution

If there is significant internal wear or damage to your transmission, an overhaul might be the best and most cost effective solution to get your vehicle back on the road. A transmission overhaul can be significantly less expensive than transmission replacement, and is often the best repair strategy. You can save a lot of money by turning to the experts in transmission overhaul at A Plus Transmission Specialists. We offer you a free diagnostic service and computer scan. Repairing and replacing parts instead of the entire transmission will save you more money too. Plus, our decades of experience in overhauling transmissions will speed up the turnaround time so that you can get your vehicle returned to the road and shifting smoothly again. 

Superior Value at A Plus Transmissions Specialists

Our team of expert transmission overhaul technicians will disassemble the transmission of your vehicle, inspect, clean and rebuild it with high-quality components. We refill the transmission with the specific fluid it requires, adjust it as needed and perform a road test. Discover the great feeling in having your vehicle’s transmission overhauled at A Plus Transmission Specialists, San Antonio. 

As dedicated members of the Automotive Transmission Rebuilders Association we adhere to the ATRA code of ethics and conduct—the highest standard for excellence in honest professional transmission service. We are also recognized as an Accredited Business with Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

A Plus Transmission Specialists | Transmission Overhaul Experts

We offer our famous free 22-Point Diagnostic Service and Computer Scan Service that can help determine if your transmission needs service and adjustment or needs to be repaired. Enjoy significant savings with a transmission repair rather than replacing your transmission with an expensive replacement. Plus, a transmission repair is more environmentally friendly since it requires replacement parts rather than a complete replacement of the transmission.

Contact Us Today for Transmission Rebuild Service

Discover how easy and convenient it is—and how much you can save—by connecting with A Plus Transmission Specialists for transmission rebuild service in San Antonio. We provide expert diagnostic service free to determine exactly what’s wrong with your transmission. Our transmission rebuilding services will save you significant amounts of money over a full transmission replacement. Call us or stop by our shop today.

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