Transmission Rebuild In San Antonio & Universal City

Transmission rebuilds in San Antonio and Universal City are generally not offered at most general automotive repair shops, but not at A Plus Transmission Specialists®! We are Transmission specialists –transmissions repair and rebuild is ALL we do. Our 30 plus years in business has shown us that over 70% of vehicles that come through our shop don’t need transmission rebuilds or replacement. Most transmissions require only repair or maintenance. However, if your car or truck does require a transmission rebuild or replacements; below are a few things to know.

Things To Know About Transmission Rebuild in San Antonio & Universal City

At A Plus Transmission Specialists®, we know all the parts needed for transmission rebuild. Your transmission may need seals, gaskets, O-rings, filter, modulator, clutches and more! It just comes down what particular parts are going to be replaced in the transmission. Our highly trained transmission repair technicians have extensive knowledge and experience. They know a majority of parts will be replaced which may or may not include:

  • Solenoids cleaned tested and potentially replaced.
  • All gaskets, seals and seal rings replaced.
  • Clutch plates and bands replaced.
  • All parts will be disassembled and cleaned.

Exchange Transmission Vs. Local Transmission Rebuild

Exchange Transmissions:

  • Call center order taker
  • No personal relationships
  • Expensive shipping & handling
  • Bothersome core returns
  • Complicated warranty procedure
  • 5-7 days shipping time
  • Possibility of back orders
  • Possibility of incorrect units shipped
  • Limited availability of exotic units

Transmission Rebuild By A Plus Transmission Specialists®

  • Individual Relationships
  • Friendly local environment
  • Local parts and service
  • Nationwide warranties
  • No bothering with cores
  • 24-48 hour usual turnaround time
  • Excellent customer service
  • 100% Parts & Labor Warranty

The A Plus Transmission Specialist® Rebuild Difference

At A Plus Transmission Specialists® in San Antonio and Universal City it’s all we do – outstanding, reputable, reliable, fast – transmission rebuild! The next time you find yourself in need of transmission rebuild, repair or maintenance, don’t trust your car to the guy that just changed your oil. Whether you are in need of transmission rebuild, transmission repair, general transmission preventive maintenance, automatic or standard transmission rebuild, A Plus Transmission Specialists® lead the industry in quality transmission rebuild in San Antonio and Universal City. Our highly trained technicians and state of the art facilities stand ready to make sure your vehicle is properly diagnosed and repaired. Call us now and set an appointment for our FREE 22 Point Transmission Performance Diagnosis and Electronic Scan. Give our friendly and knowledgeable staff a call for any further questions you may have involving transmission rebuild in San Antonio & Universal City.

Transmission Rebuild in San Antonio & Universal City

We offer quality transmission rebuilds for both San Antonio and Universal City areas. Stop by the location nearest to you so we can help rebuild, repair or maintain your car or truck’s transmission.

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