Transmission Rebuild In San Antonio

Causes For Transmission Rebuild In San Antonio Transmission Rebuild in San Antonio by A Plus Transmission Specialist® has been fixing transmission problems for over 30 years. Transmission rebuild can greatly reduce the cost of a fully damaged, un-repairable transmission by replacing worn out parts of your transmission. Because your transmission is such a vital part of your car, having it maintained can greatly increase the lifespan of your vehicle. We want to educate you on the causes of transmission damage and reasons for rebuilding transmission in San Antonio. Choosing a shop to fix your transmission is no easy task either, and we want to explain the considerations you should take when selecting one.

Causes For Transmission Rebuild In San Antonio

Transmission Rebuild In San Antonio Like the Alamo, a wearing transmission could be your vehicle’s last stand before completely breaking down. We understand that most vehicle owners want to have their car last for as long as possible and rebuilding worn out parts of a transmission is a crucial aspect of that. Among the reasons for damage to car transmissions are the hot San Antonio weather and the mileage that you place on your vehicle. Additionally, low transmission fluid and the lack of maintenance are among the highest causes for complete transmission breakdowns.

Causes for San Antonio transmission repair include:

  • Little transmission fluid
  • High mileage from general and long distance travels
  • San Antonio’s hot and humid weather
  • Lack of regular car and transmission maintenance
  • Electronic parts faulty or calibrated erroneously

Transmission Rebuild San Antonio Choosing Transmission Rebuild In San Antonio

Not all transmission shops are the same, and they all have their pros and cons. and choosing the right shop is often just as important as choosing the right parts or brand for your transmission rebuild. Mechanics are often certified under different specialties, and you want to ensure that they have the proper training to rebuild transmissions properly. Here are some factors that set up apart from other San Antonio transmission repair shops:

  • We have been rebuilding transmission in San Antonio for over 30 years
  • We promote a free 22 point diagnostic and electrical scan
  • Our mechanics are trained specifically to rebuild transmission
  • We have been featured positively on KENS 5 television station
  • We have state of the art equipment designed for transmission repair

Our friendly staff and knowledgeable technicians are standing by to answer any questions you may have on transmission rebuild in San Antonio. Our greatest achievement is serving our community, and we look forward to helping with any transmission challenges you may encounter. Please feel free to give our staff a call with any questions you may have or come in for free inspection today.

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